About NGS

The owners of NGS Group became aware of a shortage of professional and reliable warranty protection follow-up services for builders, construction managers and homeowners.

NGS works closely with builders, construction managers, developers, contractors and homeowners to make luxury living - one of their greatest investments - a worry-free process.

NGS is an independent and private group that is specialized in assisting builders and construction managers to prepare a complete property identification. We provide all the specifications and information from start to finish, and provide a complete property identification that can be accessed online and can be transferred to a new owner. We also simplify the process of transferring homes to new owners, and teach them about the unique features of their new home. This will give them peace of mind and demonstrate the builder's professionalism.

NGS is also proud to say they provide professional, efficient, and prompt warranty related services after the sale of a property to a new buyer. We do this by following-up with the job trades and contractors and facilitating the warranty protection during the warranty time - based on the contract between the builders and different job trades. NGS brings peace of mind to the new homeowners regarding any unexpected issues.

With NGS the homeowners and builders only have to communicate with one company. Our constant goal is to put the customer's needs first and to make the process of post- construction services simple, respectful, and efficient.